Why Hemoclear

Every second of every day, people around the world—of all ages and from all walks of life—need blood transfusions to survive

Current practice

Blood transfusion is life saving. Donor blood transfusions are a concern regarding morbidity, infection and chronic shortage in low income countries.

Patient own blood

To improve patient care and to minimize the use of blood from donor blood pools, Blood Management programs promote the use of patients’ own blood for transfusion.


The HemoClear blood filter captures Red Blood Cells from patients shed blood. Without plasma toxins and pathological elements, the Red Blood Cells can be re-transfused.


The patented filter technology is a medical grade film bombarded by argon ions in a vacuum atmosphere. The multi-layer module allows excellent filtration by gravity only.

Where to use

In high income countries the filter improves treatment outcomes and shortens hospital stay. In low-income countries the filter provides life-saving timely access to safe blood.

About us

HemoClear B.V. translates daily hospital experience into innovative solutions for global health issues. We are privileged to be supported by highly committed distributors and funders.

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