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Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Transfusion Reactions

An estimated 4 million women need a blood transfusion after giving birth annually. Now new research has found that their pregnancies put these women are at

Alternative Use HemoClear Offers COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma

8 April 2020, Zwolle – In the fight against COVID-19, HemoClear’s current top priority is to help save lives, with COVID-19 convalescent plasma the

Coronavirus Epidemic Exacerbates Global Blood Shortage

The persisting coronavirus epidemic is drying up Asian blood banks, further increasing the global blood shortage. Blood supplies fail the demand for emerge

Donor Blood Transfusion Fails Young Bangladeshi Worker

How Mohammed Kamruzzaman’s blood transfusion supports the preference for autologous blood for blood transfusion Autologous blood (patients’ own blo

HemoClear Strengthens International Business Strategy

It was a pleasure to define with the experts of Task Force Healthcare and successful entrepreneur in international markets Willem van Prooijen, some valuab

Autologous Blood Leads To Better Clinical Outcomes

A patient’s own salvaged red blood cells (autologous red blood cells) are functionally superior to donated red blood cells. This is the first o

HemoClear Is Proud To Partner With Pennine Healthcare

HemoClear and Pennine Healthcare team up to develop and manufacture a complete ready-to-use HemoClear accessories kit.  The kit contains all material

The World Is Experiencing a Critical Blood Shortage

Important research quantifies the global scarcity of life-saving donor blood. As a result an estimated 10 million patients unnecessarily suffer or die annu

Medista And HemoClear Partner Up

Last week at the Medica in Dusseldorf, HemoClear and Medista signed an distribution agreement. In this agreement we assign the exclusive commercial distrib

Autologous Blood Transfusion Research

We just received the results of a HemoClear study performed by EFS. The report confirms that over 99.9% of red blood cells remain well-preserved during, an