HemoClear joins forces with VDL in manufacturing the HemoClear autologous blood filter.

Hemoclear joins forces with VDL HemoClear joins forces with VDL in manufacturing the HemoClear autologous blood filter. The Dutch innovation HemoClear is t

HemoClear re-locates production activities to the Netherlands

  In the strategic ambition to optimize production, increase flexibility, and decrease lead times and costs, HemoClear will centralize all production

New Case Report presented at BMSS2021

As a proud sponsor, HemoClear attended the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Society Annual Meeting. At the event Dr Rosita Bihariesingh presented a case of s

HemoClear presents at BMSW 2021

After celebrating Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Day on May 16, HemoClear is attending the Annual Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Week Conference. On Thursd

Results Suriname convalescent plasma

78% mortality reduction in ICU-admitted COVID-19 patients in Suriname after treatment with convalescent plasma (CP) obtained by the HemoClear blood filter.

CE Mark Approval for autologous blood filter

HemoClear B.V. received CE Mark approval for its first-in-class, technology, the HemoClearTM autologous blood filter

HemoClear presents at NSA, 18-20 November 2020

As a proud sponsor, HemoClear is attending the 28th Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists Annual Scientific Conference. Dr Rosita Bihariesingh has been at the

HemoClear presents at BMSS Annual Conference, 4-6 November 2020

HemoClear attends the Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Society 2020 Annual Scientific Conference. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Arno Nierich, will present

Ziekenhuis COVID-19 plasma collectie met HemoClear

COVID-19 plasma donatie geeft vroeg in het genezingsproces een hogere opbrengst van antistoffen dan later in dat proces.

COVID-19 plasma behandeling met HemoClear

Zwolle, 14 september 2020. Het Academisch Medisch Centrum (AZP) in Paramaribo, Suriname, heeft met succes onderzoek gedaan naar een efficiƫnte methode om